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Written by Carole

What is pipping do you ask?  Pipping is when the baby chick starts breaking through the inner layers of the egg to come out and embrace the world.

Lacy, the brooding hen pictured in the previous post, is due to have babies this week and the process has started on two of the nine eggs she is sitting on.  I never got a chance to candle her eggs so I have no idea how many are fertile.  We will see soon.

I have another hen who has already hatched out eggs once this season is broody again!  Henny Penny, the unhappy dispositioned hen, is sitting on a golf ball.  I have tried at least three times to break her of this by getting her off the nest but to no avail.

Now don’t forget that I have eggs in the electric skillet that are soon to finish their cycle also.  I bought a new LED light and candled the eggs and now am down to 4.  I was going to post pictures of the candling procedure but it has gotten so far along now you wouldn’t be able to see the veining since the chick is so big.

One of the 4 eggs came out from under Lacy when one of my hens laid on top of her so I am considering putting it under Henny Penny since it is due to hatch out later than the others in the skillet. So Henny Penny’s brooding may come of use after all.

I will keep you updated on my new chicks I should see sometime today.  The pipping actually started last evening so I expect to see some results later today.


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