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Carole on December 27th, 2010

Sharing my favorite breeds of chickens I have had the opportunity to raise and enjoy.

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Carole on October 18th, 2008

Not a true breed, a planned cross-breed for hardiness and egg production, Sex Links are very popular… and a friend gave me 15 biddies! According to wikipedia: Sex-links are cross-bred chickens whose color at hatching is differentiated by sex, thus making chick sexing an easier process. Sex-links come in many varieties, few of which are […]

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Carole on September 30th, 2008

Remember the cartoon series, Foghorn Leghorn? This post probably dates me a little but that’s okay. I enjoyed the cartoon as a child. I had no idea when I was watching that someday I would be writing about this breed of chicken. Let’s talk (write) chicken!  Specifically the Leghorn breed of chickens.  The breed comes […]

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Carole on September 15th, 2008

Japanese Bantam Chickens One of my readers of this blog, Pamella, sent over a link to a Craigslist posting that was selling some Japanese Bantams. She wrote and said, “I sent u a posting of chickens 4 sale from craigslist in my area that u may interested in discussing in your blog”. Well here it […]

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Carole on September 6th, 2008

One of my favorite hens and an all around friendly chicken breed is the Rhode Island Red.  I have a hen of this breed and she is a dependable layer.   This is a picture of my hen, Rhoda.  I have a variety of breeds and the Rhode Island Red chickens are among my favorite.  I […]

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