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Written by Carole

Poultry equipment is expensive and when you are raising chickens sometimes out of necessity we are forced to use other household items to suffice until we can either purchase an item or come up with something better. Thanks to a reader who is very creative we have a new idea for a chicken waterer. It seems Babbie has a new hatch of baby chickens and had a need for a small area chicken waterer.

“I just came up with this this morning. Whenever my chicks start to hatch for the first 3 or 4 days I keep mommy and the babies in a cage. I’ve had babies fallout of the nest and lose them. Trying to keep a shallow dish of water full has always been difficult so I thought I would give this a try.” Babbie

Here is her idea along with instructions:

small area chicken waterer supplies needed

small area chicken waterer supplies

1- small water bottle 1- small vegetable or onion bag 1- rubber band or cable tie 1- shallow disposable storage container 1-small hook or been a piece of clothes hanger Place water bottle inside of vegetable bag, secure vegetable bag around the water bottle with rubber band, fill bottle with water, if you do not have the type of cap that I used that you just turn to open, drill or burn a hole in the cap for the water to drip out of, hang over storage container from either hook or nail.

small area chicken waterer in use

small area chicken waterer in use

“This is Connie’s 1st bunch and 3 out of 6 already has hatched this morning and no two alike. I just love it, they’re no bigger than my thumb.” Babbie

Thank you, Babbie, for sharing your ideas and suggestions with all the readers. This is Babbie’s second submission of creative ways to battle the cost of raising chickens. Last month she sent over this chicken feeder she created from supplies at home. I appreciate all her ideas and I know the reader do too. If anyone else would like to share your ideas, please send them over to me. Send your ideas and suggestion to me. My goal is to raise chickens as efficiently and inexpensive as possible while enjoying the learning and entertaining experience.


5 Responses to “Small Area Chicken Waterer Made From Materials At Home”

  1. Now that is engineering, very start idea and one that I will certainly use. Enjoy reading your post


  2. Just wanted to add: Great idea for chicks, but the plastic dish part won’t work as well for older chickens, who will put a foot up on the edge and spill the whole thing.
    .-= Marina´s last blog ..Sara Chicken’s Favorite Biryani with Seitan =-.


  3. Hi

    I want to build a bird’s bath connected to a rain water collector

    I can see from most bird or chicken waterers that it is possible to have a tank with a large volume of water. And then the water flow through a tiny hole and fills a minor reservoir from where the birds can drink. I can’t figure out why the water does not just pour out through the hole until the levels of water are the same on both sides – but I guess it has something to do with the size of the hole.

    Can anyone tell me how large a hole I need in the insert between the hose and the birds batch to maintain a water level of 5 cm.

    Jan, JanHoest@gmail.com



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