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Written by Carole

Even though most of the time I write that raising chickens is fun, there is times when it is not as fun. Those times are rainy days. And we are not just getting rain, we are having a monsoon. It started raining last Thursday with an occasional shower but on Sunday the heavens opened up and it has rained steady ever since.

Now I live in a state that is made of sand so we can handle a lot of rain but eventually you do come to a point where the soaking effect has reached it’s maximum and I believe we are there. I don’t own rubber boots but need them badly. Our road to the house is impassable except via four-wheel drive and the walk to feed the chickens is a daily trip of wading in water in soaking tennis shoes and wet socks.

But when you raise chickens they do not care whether it is rain or sunshine, they have to eat. So I open the door and put on my raincoat and water-soaked tennis shoes and head off the porch…
rain and water soaked ground

Do you hear the water splashing? We had a five-gallon bucket in the back of my husband’s truck and we are estimating that we have had about 15″ of rainfall since this weather system started. I am trying not to get discouraged about it since we needed the rain so badly.

But there comes a point when going to the chicken coops is no longer any fun, especially when it has rained for days and is still raining…
raising chickens in rainy florida

I believe if the chickens could talk, not squawk but talk, then they probably are not enjoying this rain that much either. I still let them out to free range but most prefer to stay dry and in the chicken coop. They are not able to take their feather dusting baths right now due to the dampness. I have added a little straw to the bottom of their coops just so they can pick and scratch.

Once the rain leaves and the sun is shining again, (supposedly by Saturday), we will all go back to our regular routine and enjoy the excess bugs and lots of fresh grass that has been supplied by this monsoon. But until then I will continue feeding rain or shine while enjoying raising my chickens.


6 Responses to “Raising Chickens on Rainy Days”

  1. Ungh. ME TOO! I really prayed for rain. This is just ridiculous though.


  2. That sounds like our luck, Carole- no rain for a long time, then you get it all at once! UGH
    You’re right- the chickens are waiting for you regardless of the weather!

    Farm Chick Paulas last blog post..A day full of surprises


  3. Makes you want to switch to ducks! LOL

    We make a path out to the woodpile with wide wood planks. Be careful though, because they can get slippery. Use some gritty mud on the top and it will give a bit of traction. It will prevent ruining your shoes. Nothing worse than getting stuck in the mud! ;(


  4. those of us in SW MO KNOW what you mean…a week of heavy rain! We made a “pathway” to the chickens with some pallets we had picked up for free. If you were careful, it worked fine. Just don’t hurry!! lol
    The chickens blamed me for the “pond” and refused to come out of their house!!


  5. We, in michigan have been lucky so far. rains, but no deluges. Just put the chicks out and gave acess to the run today. The IDA Browns seem to be more adventurous than the Black Australorps and were the first to venture out into the wider world of the run. Am in the process of building a coop now. The chicks call home an unused Dog-Loo for now.


  6. I finally got my chicks and, at about 9 days old, they’re still inside. It’s been raining a lot here too and I’m glad I’m not slogging outside to tend them! Love your coop, by the way!

    SimplyFortiess last blog post..Chickens are Here!


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