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Written by Carole

Check this painting out…

Rooster painting by Brooke

Rooster painting by Brooke

Do you agree? This painting is gorgeous. Just my style, barn in the background, tractor in the scene, a few cows on hand, a country lifestyle represented, and a rooster. Do you recognize the rooster? It is Fowl Vision’s #1 Rooster!

The painting was by an artist named Brooke (don’t know her last name) and she has an Ebay store with some of her other items. She has suggested she may do a puzzle of the painting. Now that would be cool!

There are so many talented people out there and a few have taken an interest in painting my rooster. I gladly supply him and look forward to seeing the finished product. There is one more person that has contacted me about painting the rooster in water colors but I have not heard back from her yet. Once I do I will be sure to highlight that picture also.

Now if only I could learn to paint like that. I think it is kind of like playing the piano, there are those who are taught and there are those who are gifted. I was taught to play the piano but was never as good as though who played by ear. If you are truly gifted, the talent is in your blood!

Additional info: 5/27/09…Like this painting? The artist has created mousepads with the likeness from the painting and is selling them on Ebay. For a limited time they are available. A link is provided to the right of this post. FYI–I receive no commission just really enjoy the fact that she used my head rooster!


6 Responses to “Number One Rooster Painted Again!”

  1. That is so gorgeous! I would love to have a painting like that of my chickens. Your rooster is very handsome!

    Nancy M.s last blog post..Winner- Blogoversary Giveaway


  2. I love the painting! Number 1 rooster looking good!

    I have always wished I could paint something like that. I can play the piano by ear, but folks put their fingers in their ears when I sing(for some reason).
    I think Jack (the donkey) may be a painter. I have an urge to try him with a paint brush held in his mouth and just see what happens!

    Don’t forget to enter this weeks contest for the 2 hole nest box.
    Have a great day.

    GaFarmWomanPams last blog post..Chicken of the week is Turken with Video


  3. Beautiful!! Made it my desktop background. LOve the country lifestyles setting. Wow


  4. Pretty painting! What breed is your rooster? You could have the painting reproduced and have him go to work for you! Vacation here you come!!


  5. Monica, He is a mixed breed and would be hard to duplicate. He has brought me many years of enjoyment.


  6. This is absolutely FANTASTIC! I wanna try your rooster but it would never look like this, ha!!!

    sandys last blog post..CONTINUING FROM BELOW


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