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Written by Carole

New page for Bird Watching Enthusiasts!

If you have been frequenting my site for a while you probably noticed I posted less and less about bird watching and more and more about raising chickens. Because I like to do both but want it easy for my readers to find their area of interest, I decided to add a new page dedicated to just Bird Watching.

In the future this page will be only about all my bird watching activities and the pictures of birds that I am constantly in the progress of taking. The home page will continue to be about my raising chickens activities. I am trying to work with someone to help me separate the two different areas of interest. So you will notice in the next few weeks slight changes to the blog. Hopefully minor and all intended to be improvements for the readers.

I think I just doubled my work since I really enjoy bird watching and raising chickens both and now will need to post to both pages. I can promise you I have enough pictures of birds taken from my daily activities to fill up three blogs but for now I will try just one! I hope you enjoy the changes and continue visiting.


4 Responses to “New Page to Share my Bird Watching Activities”

  1. I will definitely be visiting your bird blog! But I love your chickens too..


  2. i love chickens and your site is always full of great advice. I will hop over to see what your birding adventures are.

    Keep up the great work!

    dons last blog post..Variations in Green


  3. Thanks for going to all that extra trouble.I am going to try and keep up with both.I hope all runs well.

    Yvette Kellys last blog post..


  4. Hey I like your revised site. I like what you are doing with your chickens and connecting with birding too.
    I just started a Better Birding E Course for my friends and fellow birders. Come see.


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