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Written by Carole

I have been MIA (missing in action) so long…since earlier this year with my first poultry show to showing at the fair in April, I have been busy feeding, maintaining, and growing my flock. Since it has been a while since I posted I thought I would share with you some of my favorite breeds of chickens. If you are in search of a good breed, maybe this post will help you make a decision.

dark brahma

My first choice of breed is very obvious…Brahmas. I currently have three varieties of the Brahmas, Light, Dark, and Buff. If all goes according to plan in 2011 I will be added Partridge to my flock.

Some of the things I like about them are:

  1. Personalities
  2. Egg size
  3. Good looks
  4. Dependable egg layers

white orpingtonMy second breed of choice is Orpingtons. I have carried this breed in flock but presently do not have any. This breed has several varieties available such as blue, white, buff, black, and the list goes on. I have several friends who carry these and love them. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they also are a dependable egg layer and dual purpose birds. These birds make great backyard chickens or if you have the right conformation also show birds.

My third breed of choice is Rhode Island Reds. This choice for me is mainly for the egg consumption. This breed lays a large egg and on a dependable basis. And they are also a dual-purpose bird. They as well are beautiful to look at with their mahogany coloring. Another great backyard chicken to have.

My fourth breed of choice is Cochins. I love Partridge Cochins! I have carried this variety one time until an illness wiped out my flock. This breed reminds me of the Brahmas…very friendly, good egg layer, and beautiful! There are several varieties of this breed also so if you have a desire for a feather-leg bird to show or just have in your backyard then this breed is a great one to consider.

barred plymouth rock

Pepper, Barred-Rock hen

My fifth breed of choice is Plymouth Rocks. There are many varieties available. In the past I carried Barred and Blue and enjoyed their disposition just as well as some I currently have. They have some of the same qualities as the other breeds listed above. Above all I think I enjoyed their disposition and egg laying habits. Great breed to have in your backyard!

There are so many others that appeal to me in one way or another but I mainly look for size and beauty. I enjoy raising large fowl birds. No certain reason other than I like the size. Some of the breeds above are available in large and bantam size so it all depends on your preference.

Right now I only have large fowl Brahmas and hatch their eggs on a frequent basis. I also sell their hatching eggs when available. I do this mainly to help in the feed costs. When searching for your chicken breed decide why you want them and then choose the breed that will help you to meet your goals. Whether it be for eggs, meat, or showing purposes, there is a breed to meet your demands.

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7 Responses to “My Top 5 Favorite Chicken Breeds”

  1. My favorite has always been the Buff Orpington. The are a very prolific, reliable bird. I have a few that are over 6 years old now! They no longer produce eggs like they used to but are happily living out their golden years!


  2. The picture above of the black and white spotted bird says that it is a barred-rock hen. I just recently purchased five of these hens, but I was told that they are domer chickens. A little help please! Thanks


    Carole Reply:

    The difference in the breeds is their comb. A barred rock has a single comb and a Dominque, sometimes called dominickers, has a rose comb. They look very similar otherwise.


    Deanna Stafford Reply:

    The Dominque was used in producing the barred rocks,from my understanding.


  3. My favorite still has to be the little bantams. They make me smile every day.


  4. I have the same problem as Courtney! Except that I was told they were Cuckcoo Marans. I was told the Cuckcoos are spotted and the Copper Marans are all black…is this possible?


    Carole Reply:

    Jacqueline, I only raise Brahmas so not familiar with Marans. Sorry I can be of no help.


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