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Written by Carole

Bringing in New Chickens to Your Flock

I’m still raising chickens so that means I bring in new chickens from time to time. Introducing new chickens to your flock takes a little patience and preparation.

I have been distracted from my flock for the last few years due to my other endeavors. In the past few years we have opened two retail stores, Carole’s Collections and Vintage Market of Middleburg. To say the least this has kept me very busy so I sidelined my love of raising chickens.

But we still have chickens, a much smaller flock now, and in the last two years we have added peafowl, India Blues. I love these birds and all the beauty they add to my days.  My husband might tell you different but I thoroughly enjoy them and hope to add some whites in the near future.

But for now, let’s get back to introducing new chickens to your flock.  I found an article on another website that describes it as well as I can and with great pictures to match. Please go visit this page and let them know you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Introducing Chickens to your Existing Flocks

golden laced wyandotte hatching eggs

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