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Written by Carole

A project for the new year~~inexpensive greenhouse? Is there such a thing? This morning I received my e-newsletter from Grit and they had an article in it from another blog about building a greenhouse from pvc items that might be laying around your house. We are always making chicken feeders and waterers from left over PVC so why not a greenhouse.


greenhouse by Drew

My husband and I have talked about building a greenhouse for that very short period of time here when you can’t have plants outdoors. I quickly followed the link to the blog anotherkindofdrew to see how he made this efficient-looking greenhouse.

All of you know that I’m not the carpenter so I will be sharing this info with my husband today. Perhaps it will be another project for 2010.

It is raining here in NE Florida on the first day of this year so I am going to take the time to start our list of projects we want to accomplish this year. First on the list is a wrap-around porch (already in the works), perhaps second will be an inexpensive greenhouse.

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5 Responses to “Inexpensive Greenhouse”

  1. Hi I am in NE FL as well. I made a cheap greenhouse this year by buying a 10 x 20 steel carport frame on sale right before Christmas at pepboys. It comes with a white polycarb top. It was around 75 dollars on sale and came with a 30 dollar rebate. Then for the sides, I went to Home Depot and got the 6mm plastic that is a 20 x 100 ft roll. It was 98 dollars. The sides of the greenhouse measure 9.5 ft and so I doubled the plastic (folded it in half width wise) and wrapped the entire greenhouse/carport with it. I had also set the poles down into the ground about a foot so it is very sturdy. For heat I bought a 4500-8000 propane heater for 75 dollars also at Home depot. I run it for a few hours on low during the coldest parts of the night. I grow many tender tropicals like cacao, bananas, medinilla etc. So far it has been working out great. I can take it down in late Feb/March and get my yard back lol. So with the heater this cost me @ 245.00 but I am still getting a rebate for 30 I guess that goes toward propane :)


  2. The climate where I’m from is pretty mild, but it still would help to have a greenhouse to start seedlings. I might do a smaller project for that purpose. I have a garden now and still have some green peppers growing here in Costa Mesa, CA.


  3. Love the greenhouse idea. thanks. PVC is like tinkertoys.
    easy to put togeather.
    My neighbor put one togeather using sliding glass doors.
    Turns out that when contractors replace the old doors they can
    not take them to the dump. They wait till they have a few
    so that they can be disposed of properly. I asked my
    friend (contractor) and sure enough–I have some now. He
    has decided to make himself one as well.
    You screw them togeather (frame) . Make a simple 4×4 frame
    and 2 on each side and top. You can use paint to make stripes or solid on top (inside) if you want less sun. Paint will wash away if
    you use water paints and change for the seasons. Just hang
    plastic for a door. My experience is that most plants don’t
    care how cold it is if they don’t have any ice on them. The
    enclosure will prevent any ice.



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