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Written by Carole

Raising chickens is so much fun and as we all know one of the major benefits of having chickens is the eggs that they supply us. I now have 25 laying hens so I have an over-abundance of eggs coming in. I try to sell them but living in the boonies most people will not go out of their way to pick up farm-fresh eggs.

Due to the abundance of eggs I have I try to incorporate eggs into our diet via deviled eggs, egg salad, fried eggs, or any other way I can find to utilize them. Making a hard boiled egg has always been a challenge for me. Mine always turn out hard to peel, which in turn gives me cooked eggs whites with hunks out of them; not a pretty site when I am trying to make deviled eggs for a special dinner.

Today I ran across a recipe on how to get the perfect boiled egg. I tried it and it worked! So here it is for you just in case you have some of the same problems I had (past tense):

How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

  1. Heat your water to boiling.
  2. Add a dash of salt
  3. Add eggs with a ladle
  4. Boil for 14 minutes
  5. Rinse eggs with cold water and peel

They turned out perfect! They were so easy to peel and the egg yolks were a perfect color.


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15 Responses to “How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs”

  1. Im so glad to finally find a recipe to boil fresh eggs. They always taste wonderful but look sad. I’ve told the kids that hard boiled eggs should have chunks missing. Now I will have to them the truth. LOL.


  2. Great tips for perfect eggs, Carole! Love the double yolker picture- was that a RIR egg? I have one that lays them all the time.


  3. Paula, I believe it was the RIR that laid that egg but my Sexlinks also lay double yolkers all the time. What a surprise when you go to cook an egg and there are two instead of one!


  4. Yay! they are SUPPOSED to be one of the easiest way to fix eggs, but I always mess them up: raw, overdone, won’t peel, shell cracks and they leak, green yoke. I think the worst was I forgot them on the stove . . . and well lets just say. . .it was the last time I tried to make them. Hubby’s favorite though is pickled eggs–I gotta learn how to make them!

    One question: Are the eggs room temp when you put them into the water? Or are they cold from the fridge?

    It would seem like double yolker eggs would bring good luck. Is there any old wives tales about them?


  5. Monica, Most of my eggs are room temperature so the majority go in that way. But I have put refrigerated eggs into the boiling water also and had no eggs crack.

    As far as the old wives tale, I looked it up and it meant so many things that I just eat them and don’t worry about superstitions. I look at it as double the protein.


  6. Beautiful! I have the same trouble with eggs, and I thought it was just the quality of the store-bought egg. My hens are not laying yet, but I can’t wait to see their product.


  7. My son is so crazy about hard boiled egg. It seemed like a day is not complete with out a hard boiled egg. Your result amazed me. I will try this one and i am pretty sure i could bring out that smile on my sons’ face. Thank you


  8. And if you stir the eggs the 1st few minutes of cooking the yolks will settle in the center and not be lopsided so they make prettier Deviled eggs.


  9. Oh there is hope then to be able to eat a deviled egg in daylight! Thank you Carole.


  10. I am so excited! I borrowed a book from the library: Deviled Eggs by Debbie Moss. It has 50 recipes for them. Picnic and reunions are going to be great this year!


  11. Joy of Cooking says to cover tightly and turn off the gas after the eggs boil, and this works fine for me. I set the timer and after 15 minutes, I rinse the eggs in cold water. More economical.
    Hannah (aka A Mother in Israel)
    .-= cooking manager´s last blog ..Microwave-Safe Utensils =-.


    Carole Reply:

    Hannah, Thanks for visiting and commenting. I am sure there are many ways to boil an egg, this is just a tried method I found that works for me and hopefully for any others that choose to try it.



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