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Written by Carole

I am always a last minute person when it comes to buying gifts. I went Christmas shopping for the first time last Friday. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas, it is I don’t like shopping for others that I don’t know what to buy.  My preference would be that each person I buy for give me a list. My youngest son does because he does not want me buying him anything he doesn’t want. That’s okay with me as long as it is in my budget.

Today I was thinking of a list of items I would like as a backyard chicken farmer and backyard birding fanatic so I made this list in hopes that it might help you if you have someone who likes to raise chickens or feed the wild birds.

For the person who likes to raise chickens:

  1. New hanging waterer–homemade or purchased from your local feed store

    Hanging chicken waterer

    Hanging chicken waterer

  2. Homemade feeder–I prefer the homemade version over the store bought and they are so easy to make if you have the right tools.

    chicken feeder

    chicken feeder

  3. Incubator–preferably with an auto rotator

    egg inclubator

    egg inclubator

  4. Book on raising chickens–No one in particular just a good book with lots of good info. I own the book shown below and it is good if you are tending to small flocks.  I would recommend some of the Ebooks that are offered on my blog but most people like to give something tangible at Christmas. If giving a downloaded book is not a problem with you, then I highly recommend purchasing an ebook because it is usually cheaper and is downloaded immediately.
    Chicken raising book

    Chicken raising book

    Chicken Ebook

    Chicken Ebook

  5. Chicken tractor–if it is in your budget a chicken tractor is a useful item that all chicken keepers can use at one time or another. Homemade or purchased, there are a variety available. I use mine for the in between stages of baby chicks to egg-laying pullets. Don’t want to buy the chicken tractor, then buy the plans to build one inexpensively. There is a link located on the side of the blog for Catawba Coops. I have not built one of these myself but they claim to be easy enough for a beginner.
  6. A subscription to Backyard Poultry–There is a link to this magazine located on this blog. I receive this magazine and they have good articles filled with information for the chicken keeper in your family.

Now for the backyard birding fanatic…

  1. A birdfeeder–new or used every bird lover enjoys getting a feeder
  2. Bird house–another viewing opportunity for watching birds
  3. A Birding book–I have several. I utilize mine almost weekly trying to identify different species of birds and then I have the books that have recipes to feed the birds. I enjoy those also.
  4. Bird food–fairly inexpensive and birders love the entertainment it brings.
  5. A digital camera–an expensive item but every birder loves to take photos of the birds that visit their feeders.
  6. Birds and Blooms magazine–I do not receive this fine magazine anymore and I sorely miss it. It is filled with beautiful pictures, good articles and information to help you get the most from the visitors in your backyard.

These are just a few different items that as a backyard birder and chicken keeper, I could use or would enjoy receiving. There are several other items I can think of but most have to do with decorations in the house such as anything to do with roosters for the kitchen, coasters with birds on them for the living room, and the list goes on.

One thing I purchased for my husband that probably does go along with raising chickens and striving to become self-sufficient is a book called Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian. I have not read this yet but I have read some of his writings on the several blogs he keeps so I know my husband and I both will enjoy the book.  I will review the book on this blog after we have a chance to read it.

I hope this list perhaps sparked an idea for a gift for someone you were struggling to come up with something. If you wish to share other ideas for the last minute shopper, hurry and leave a comment. Us procrastinators need help.

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7 Responses to “Gifts for the Backyard Chicken Keeper or Birding Lover in Your Family”

  1. i think i need to re-think my watering system for my chickens. I am using an old metal box with a light bulb to try to keep my plastic waterer from freezing.the waterer is sitting on a piece of sheet metal and is starting to gather ice crystals now that the temperature is 5 degrees F outside. (20 inside).

    Good list of goodies!

    dons last blog post..The Season For Giving


  2. I would love an incubator for Christmas. Why didn’t I put that on my list? Lol!

    Nancys last blog post..Sunday’s Song


  3. Hello,

    Water system in winter is a problem. But there are heated metal watering systems out there if you have a way to get electricity to it. Try McMurray Hatchery for heated systems and Easy-Garden for other watering systems and a 3-In One feeder options.


  4. Carole,

    The Homesteading Carnival is posted. Sorry, but I was having trouble with blog carnival, so I needed to leave the link here instead of sending an e-mail 😉




  5. I water with the metal waterer pictured above
    In winter, I wrap plumbers tape around it and wrap duct tape around that and plug it in. It keeps the water from freezing even when temps are well below freezing (canadian winters!)



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