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Written by Carole

I wish I had started this series with a catchy title, something that would make people wonder what I was writing about, something creative to pique ones interest…but no I started with a title that states exactly what I am writing about so I won’t fret over it now.  Maybe in the next series of whatever I write.

For now, I have had two requests for Cochins and so here is a little info on this chicken breed.  These feathery-footed creatures are a puff-ball of chicken feathers and a curious, friendly breed.  They adapt well to confinement which makes them a great breed for showing.

White CochinsBuy at AllPosters.com

As in most other chickens, there is a variety of colorings in this breed.  Pictured above is the white cochins.
Blue Cochin Breed of Domestic Chicken, Cock., USA
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And above is the Blue Cochin.  Reminds me of the Blue Orpington only with feathers down its legs and feet.  The main varieties for Cochins are buff, black, white and partridge.

What are they good for?

Cochins are mainly show birds noted for their full-feathering, sweet disposition, and ease of handling.  This breed of chickens is what launched the interest in poultry shows according to what I have read.  At our local fair, you can be guaranteed there will be a large amount of Cochins available for viewing by visitors.  They are amazing to look at wouldn’t you agree?

A few other features:

  • Superior mother and brooder (although they tend to go broody frequently)
  • Great foster mother
  • Good egg layer when not brooding
  • Small brown egg
  • Cold hardy
  • Slow to mature
  • Single comb
  • Standard size weighs about 8.5 lbs., bantam 1.3 lbs., full grown

Due to the fluff and feathering on the leg and foot this breed may need to be confined on wet days and/or where yards become muddy to keep the birds from becoming mired or collecting balls of mud on their feet. Apparently their thick feathering can even lead to problems with fertility due to sexual organs being literally buried in plumage (though this can be remedied by clipping back the feathers).

Would I Want This Breed?

This all depends on what your purpose is for raising chickens. If you want a chicken breed for showing, this breed would be a winner.  If you are interested in free-ranging and barnyard chickens, this chicken breed probably would not suit your needs.  I can already tell from my Light Brahma Rooster, Jethro, that the feathers on the feet cause him some problems in foraging through weeds, thickets, etc.  If you have ever had anything stuck between your toes, you can imagine how he feels with acorns, sticks, brush, etc.  I would think it would be the same for the Cochins.

What’s Next

Thanks to Samantha and Farm Chick Paula for asking for Cochins.  I have always enjoyed looking at them and now I know more about their personalities and some of the positives and negatives for raising this breed.

Does anyone else have a breed they would like highlighted?  Send over photos with a little information about your favorite chicken or just request a breed and I will do some research and find photos or artwork to go along with it.

Mentioning of artwork, I am an affiliate of Allposters.com and this is where the photos in todays entry came from.  My purpose for that is not to get you to buy anything but to decorate my home at good prices.  They have such a good variety I utilize them to share chicken breeds with you also.


5 Responses to “Chicken Breed Series #6–Cochins”

  1. Yay!!! You fill requests very quickly, Carole! LOL
    I had a black cochin hen for several years, and she was the joy of my life… her name was “Queenie” because she was my “Beauty Queen”. She had the most gorgeous black plumage you have ever seen, and was so gentle and sweet. Unfortunately, I lost her to stray dog (UGH) a few months ago and was simply heartbroken. I hope to get some more one day when I expand my Banty coop… right now I just don’t have roomm for any.
    Thanks again- These posts are so exciting- I can’t wait to see what’s next!!

    Farm Chick Paulas last blog post..The Rescue


  2. Me again- I didn’t know you could buy posters of chickens until I saw what you had written about “Allposters”… that is neat!! Thanks for the tip- I’m going to pay them a visit!!

    Farm Chick Paulas last blog post..The Rescue


  3. Your welcome Paula! Always glad to oblige a fellow reader and commenter. On the All Posters site, as you can tell by the pictures above, it is not really all posters. They have some awesome artwork! I drool over some of their stuff as I look for pictures but also plan my kitchen design around chickens and roosters. But you know, a kitchen can only have so many pictures!


  4. I have a rooster and two hens that look exactly like the blue in your picture. Every where I check says blue Cochin lay brown eggs, however mine lay blue/ green eggs. They are large and have feathered feet. Could u tell me what breed they might be. Thanx.



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