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Creating your own poultry equipment comes in handy when raising chickens.

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Another example of an automatic chicken feeder to make raising chickens cheaper and easier.

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Carole on February 26th, 2009

Directions on how to make an easy homemade chicken feeder for raising chickens.

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Carole on February 8th, 2009

With the cold temperatures keeping us shivering the birds are in search of easy food and they find it on my log feeder. Here you’ll see the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker enjoying his fill of the chunky peanut butter… Not only does the woodpecker like the offerings, so do the warblers… The other woodpecker from my previous […]

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I have a problem. It seems my attempts at setting up a bird feeding station to attract the birds have worked; but the view from my office window distracts me so much I can’t get anything done. I set my platform feeder up on Sunday and come Monday I had my first visitors.  The birds […]

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