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Written by Carole

This is the last in my Build a Chicken Feeder series for now. I plan on adding a page containing homemade chicken feeders to this site so you can access several types of ideas. That is coming in the very near future!

Today’s homemade chicken feeder comes from a very well known website-backyardchickens.com.

automatic homemade chicken feederautomatic homemade chicken feeder
This genius of an idea came from Nifty-Stuff. I believe he is the owner of the Backyardchickens forum. Anyway, he started with the first picture and then it evolved into the second picture. To learn more about how it all evolved and everything it took to create it, check out this page on his automatic chicken feeder.

Now for the homemade bird feeder.
homemade milk jug bird feederThis is made from a milk jug and looks fairly easy to make. The picture shows the birds enjoying it so why not give it a try. Click HERE for the directions on how to create it.

Now you’ve got all kinds of ideas it is time to get to work and create that homemade feeder for your chickens or birds today! I’m sure you have something sitting around the house just waiting to be used! Don’t forget to share your experiences as you create the next great feeder.

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7 Responses to “Build A Chicken Feeder Series #5 and a Homemade Bird Feeder”

  1. This summer we are doing Science lessons focusing on the flying animals/insects. Next week, we have an experiment making a bird feeder that is similar to this one, except is uses juice jugs rather than a milk jug. Once I get pictures, I’ll send them on to you to use.


  2. Thanks, Motherhen68. I am sure your project will turn out great! I look forward to seeing the results.


  3. Ugh… I can’t believe you posted that pic of my first ugly contraption on your beautiful site!! 😉

    I’m hoping we’ll get more and more homemade feeders and waterers submitted to BYC, and if you make one we’d love to get some pics to add to the site.

    Keep up the great work!!!


  4. This is a great idea. Great recycling idea too..


  5. Great article as usual. I was thinking of trying the box feeder shown because my chickens are eating like pigs.

    @nifty, it is not that ugly. The point is that it serves the purpose right?


  6. Nifty, Any idea is a great idea as long as it works and by the looks of your picture it did the trick. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Come back soon!

    Sandyz, As always it is great to hear from you.

    Tom, As always it is good to hear from you too! I agree with you on Nifty’s feeder. As long as it works that is all that matters!


  7. Wow this really works


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