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Written by Carole

Not a day goes by that I am not trying to capture a picture of a bird with my camera. I enjoy watching birds, feeding the birds, taking pictures of birds; you name it I just love bird watching!

Lately some of my frequent visitors have been Northern Cardinals and they are a pleasure to watch. The male Cardinal with his bright plumage is a beauty to behold. male cardinal bird watching Daily these birds visit my feeder and frequently there is a fight to see who gets to eat. The plumage coloring is outstanding and watching them feed while they are fluttering their wings is a sight to behold.

The female cardinal is just as pretty. Her coloring is muted but no less a beauty to behold.

female cardinal at bird feederThe food I use to attract these wild birds is black oil sunflower seeds. In the winter I prepare a suet made from chunky peanut butter that they also enjoy. They will eat a variety of offerings including:

  • Corn
  • Bread products
  • Suet
  • Safflower seed
  • Fruit
  • White millet

You can’t go wrong when attracting this breed to your backyard. Have your binoculars and camera ready!
bird watching northern cardinals

bird watching a female cardinalmale cardinal bird watching

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8 Responses to “Bird Watching the Northern Cardinals”

  1. I love the cardinals, too! I love how they flick their tail around while they make their little cheeping sounds.

    Farm Chick Paulas last blog post..Rain, Rain….


  2. These are such good photos!!

    sandys last blog post..CONTINUING FROM BELOW


  3. I so wish we had cardinals around here, these are gorgeous photos.
    .-= sandy´s last blog ..BIRDS ON A WIRE – IT’S A MELODY! =-.


  4. Those pictures are fantastic!!! What did you use to take them with? You should submit them to places like shutterstock or iphotos and get paid when people download them – I’m sure there would be lots of downloads!!!


  5. I just saw a youngish female cardinal with a black (or greyish) beat – is that an anomaly or is that a sign of youth? I’ve never seen a female with anything but a lipstick red beak.


    GORGEOUS photos btw. Thanks for posting them!


  6. sorry – that was meant to read ‘beak’, not ‘beat’


  7. I just saw a yellow cardinal with a green beak in atchison Ks. Is that odd or not but it was the most prity bird I have seen what up sets me is people don’t slow for birds in the road they speed up to kill them please reply if you want to comment on these thing here and God bless


  8. Beautiful photos! I had several families of cardinals return annually to my backyard, but summer 2015, had to cut down huge maple (8.5 feet around probably 40 plus feet high) when it died… Recently, Nov-Dec 2015, I began to spot a pair of cardinals returning. Yesterday, I tried catching a photo with my cell — but only got the sunshine… I’m wanting to send my Mom a watercolor to inspire her. She’s been ill… so I researched photos on the internet for body shape, and I’m trying to draw similar poses to my pair while referencing the light from my photo of patio sunshine. Haha… and I love your photos–especially of the female. It’s one of the best I’ve seen, with the soft coral-reddish feathers in her tail. Not the same pose but just a gorgeous shot! Often lighting makes the cardinal’s eyes look stern–but your photo captured their gentle side. On my patio, I’ve seen the male cardinal just as involved as the female, (actually even more involved!) in feeding their chicks. I also saw the male feeding a cow-bird chick. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, talented photos and recipe! Hugs from Dallas. Leslie


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