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Written by Carole

It seems a lot of people on the forums I frequent are starting to think about placing their orders for 2009 chickens. From what I read it seems the prices will be going up next year.  In my opinion a lot more people are either going back to raising chickens or are planning on starting their first flocks.

Myself, I will be placing orders for specific breeds that I cannot find locally. I have not researched the different hatcheries as yet but I am developing my own list for further research and pricing. Now is the time to get your name on a list for 2009 catalogs if you haven’t already done so.

Here is a list of the different hatcheries I have discovered thus far, in no specific order:

This is a very long list of hatcheries offering a variety of fowl. If you are thinking about ordering for the next year I would visit their website and get a copy of their 2009 catalog. Most are offering them for free.

I have checked out most websites to ensure they work and I enjoy reading about the different varieties that are available. It keeps me dreaming for this upcoming spring when I hope to have a variety of chicks. I also check out the local websites such as Craigslist and Freecycle.org to see if anyone is offering chicks for sale or give away. You never know and it might just be your lucky day.

Now that you have an extensive list of hatcheries what are you waiting for? Start shopping and dreaming!

***This post is updated when I find another hatchery to add to the list.


10 Responses to “A List of Hatcheries”

  1. Thank you ror the great list of hatcheries! I am thinking about hatching out 30 or 40 chicks in my classroom with eggs from Michigan State Univ. poultry farm. They have a decent variety and very good strains.

    I am thinking about a variety including Rhode Island Reds, Aracaunas and Light Brahmas. The roos will go to the freezer and the hens will join the other girls. Are there others on the list that you would recommend?

    Here is the link to MSU :


    dons last blog post..The Green Barn


  2. Don, I checked out the list and would recommend Orpingtons also. Good gentle breed and good laying hen. I’m being partial though because some of those breeds I have never had experience with but have with the Orpingtons.


  3. Thanks for posting the list, Carole! McMurray is the only one I’ve ever ordered from. I thought about buying an incubator and hatching my own layers out this spring, but last time I tried that, I wound up with more roosters than hens, so I may just order pullets form a catalog and be done with it!

    Farm Chick Paulas last blog post..Santa’s workshop, it ain’t….


  4. I would like to know, if there are hatcheries to sell their old day chicks in Europe. I saw so many sites with hatcheries all over U.S. but I don;t know if there are any in Europe. I’m from Romania and I LOVE chicken. I have my own litle colection at home, but I can’t compare it to what I see on internet. Or maby, if you can tell me a hatchery that ships eggs in Europe…I guess this is easyer than shiping poultry.
    I’m looking forword to see your answer,


  5. Luana, I did a little research and found a site that does have a list of international hatcheries. Visit Feathersite and scroll to the bottom of the list and you will see what they have compiled.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Please consider adding ChickHatchery.com to your list.



    Carole Reply:



    Hannah K. Williams Reply:

    Hears a good hatchery in Ga. http://the-georgia-mad-hatcher.com/
    though it dose not sell equipment, it dose have a nice
    assortment in breeds. Red Sex-Link, Black Sex-Link, Americana (The Easter Egg), Rhode Island White, Barred Rock and California White, Jumbo Brown Pharaoh quail, and Texas A&M White Quail.



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